A chocolate creation tailored for you?

We do it in 4 steps…



Milk • Dark • White • Caramel

Belgium is known worldwide for its top-quality artisanal chocolate. A tradition that dates back to the 19th century. Libeert has also built up a hundred years of experience and keeps this tradition alive. Choose between 4 flavours: milk, dark, white or caramel.


Classic • Bio • Origin • Vegan

Are you looking for sustainable chocolate? Organic chocolate? Or single origin chocolate with cacao beans from a particular region such as Peru or Ecuador? We follow the chocolate trends closely - so whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it in our wide range of Belgian chocolates, made with the highest quality ingredients and 100% pure cacao butter.

Cooking chocolate

Our chocolate callets or portionable tablets are extremely well-suited for use in recipes and chocolate creations.


Add some extra bite to your chocolate with delicious nuts. Go for classic combinations like almond or hazelnut. Or are you looking for something new? Discover our recipes with macadamia nuts or pistachio and pecan from Mexico.


Fruit and chocolate together create delicious taste experiences. At Libeert, you can choose from a wide assortment of fruit, such as forest fruits, raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon, apricot, pineapple, and so much more.


This is for the real sweet tooths: chocolate with all the best of the cookie department. Combine tablets and bars with brownie, pretzel, fudge, speculoos, French feuilletine or Italian meringue.


Do you want to add a crisp to your chocolate? Try puffed rice or Bolivian quinoa.
For a natural, tasty crunch.


This delicious sweetener is a true classic, and fits all chocolate flavours. Choose between crispy caramel, salted caramel, butter caramel, or Italian honeycomb.


Everyone knows that salt adds more flavour to your food. But did you also know that salt gives a boost to the sweet flavour of chocolate in our mouths? It's a magical combination! And if you use coarse salt, you can also add extra structure to your chocolate tablet or bar. We have many different kinds on offer: sea salt, Fleur de sel, blue Persian salt, pink Himalayan salt, smoked salt...

Bars & tablets
It’s your choice

Now that you have chosen the chocolate flavour and the ingredients, we’ll look for the optimal shape. This is very important for the customer’s experience of your product. Is it a bar or a tablet? Do you want a special shape? Then you’re in luck! Libeert is renowned for its innovative moulds. And you can choose your favourite.
Or would you rather create your own, exclusive design? No problem! Our designers will help you with the development. Because at Libeert, we develop everything
in-house. From idea to sketch. From mould to finished product.

Classic or fun?

The design of a tablet is the finishing touch. Chocolate storytelling in the hands of your consumer. A classic design or your own unique design? Our product designers are ready to help you! With tons of experience.

Sustainable packaging

Your packaging determines the first impression your customers have of you. So make sure your packaging tells the right story, which fits your brand and the size of your tablets: a premium finished cardboard sleeve, a paper wrap or flow pack? All of the paper and cardboard packaging that we use is FSC-certified. In addition, all other packaging is made of single materials and is therefore recyclable.
This is how we succeed in packing sustainably without loss of taste.


The cartonette packaging is suitable for chocolate tablets in the large size, 80 and 100 grams. This sustainable packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard, so 100% recyclable. For the foil, which protects the chocolate from light and loss of taste, you can choose between aluminium or bio-degradable material.

This type of packaging can be finished with gold foil or embossing for a premium look. In order to tell consumers more about the chocolate, a printed text in four colours can be added to the inside of the packaging, as well as a transparent opening at the front.

Paper wrapper

This paper wrapper is suitable for tablets in the small sizes (100/125/140/150 grams) and large sizes (150/180/200 gram).
This sustainable packaging is made of FSC certified paper, so it's 100%
recyclable. For the foil, which protects the chocolate from light and loss of taste, you can choose between aluminium or bio-degradable material.

To tell your brand and product story to your customer, a 4-colour printed text can also be added to the inside of the packaging.



The flowpack packaging is suitable for tablets in the small sizes (100/125/140/150 grams) and large sizes (150/180/200 grams).

The standard film is recyclable, but there is also a flowpack in paper or bio-degradable material.
This packaging is suitable for tablets and chocolate bars.




“With us, every chocolate dream can come true!” Josefien – Product Development”

Josefien – Product Development

You come to me for the product development of chocolate tablets and bars. We have a wide range of chocolate flavours, ingredients, packaging and shapes to make your chocolate dream come true. Together with our Maître-Chocolatier, I take this process from A to Z.

"My favourite ingredients: fruit and nuts"

Luc – Finance

Even when you make the tastiest chocolate creations, the budget must remain correct. I take care of that.

“Each chocolate deserves its own story”

Cécile – Marketing

I support our customers in the creation of their chocolate tablets. Not only in determining the ideal form and packaging, but also in shaping the story. That creative process - that’s one of our great strengths at Libeert.

”Chocolate creations, that's really a craft!”

Sandy – Maître Chocolatier

Finding the ideal combination of chocolate flavour and ingredients is the marriage of culinary knowledge, trends and the customer’s wishes. A fascinating journey!

“I know the chocolate process inside and out!”

Michaël - R&D

Together with Sandy, our Maître Chocolatier, we choose the optimal chocolate and ingredients to realise our customers' chocolate dreams. I’m involved in the entire process: from development in the chocolate kitchen, to the final product
on the shelves.

“Creating smiles, on our customers’ faces too!”

Christine - Sales and Customer Service

Every day, we face new challenges, together with our customers. I offer them a listening ear and solutions. Because together we can bring a smile to as many people as possible.

"When chocolate melts, it reveals all its flavours"

Virginie - Production

Every day, I see a lot of products on our production line, made of the tastiest chocolate. I make sure that they're packaged with love and prepared to be sent to the customers. And then you can enjoy our delicious chocolate products, like I do.

“I’m the chocolate guardian par excellence!”

Jerome – Operations

As a member of the management team, I make sure that our activities run as efficiently as possible. And I’m also responsible for quality control: excellent taste, perfect condition, and food safety are my daily focus.

Josefien – Product Development

Luc – Finance

Cécile – Marketing

Sandy – Maître Chocolatier

Michaël - R&D

Christine - Sales and Customer Service

Virginie - Production

Jerome – Operations