Creating smiles


100 years of chocolate passion

Creating smiles

For 100 years, Libeert has been making the tastiest chocolate, driven by passion. With our chocolate, we make people of all ages smile.

With the fourth generation, the focus is on sustainability and innovation. As a result, we can make delicious and sustainable chocolate, and continue to grow in a socially responsible way. All for our ultimate goal: to make everyone smile. From the cocoa farmers, to the Libeert employees, to you, our customers and partners.

“Thanks to Cocoa Horizons, Libeert is always guaranteed 100% sustainably purchased cocoa”



Partners in sustainability

Many cocoa farmers are faced with ecological challenges, a low income, and living in poverty. As chocolate creators, it is our duty to contribute to equality in the cocoa supply chain, to make a positive impact on the lives of cocoa farmers. That's why we started a partnership with the non-profit organisation Cocoa Horizons in 2019. This independent, non-profit and impact-driven organisation strives to improve the living conditions of the cocoa farmers. They do this by fighting every form of child labour, and making sure that the farmers receive a better price for their cocoa. Cocoa Horizons also increases the environmental awareness of cocoa farmers, by advancing agriculture.

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"We believe that consumers deserve the best Belgian chocolate products the chocolate industry has to offer."


Creating delicious, happy moments, to make our consumers and customers smile when they eat our tasty chocolate.

That is what it's all about at Libeert. We achieve this goal by making creative hollow figures and the tastiest chocolate bars with the finest Belgian chocolate. The secret ingredient of our delicious chocolate? Our 100 years of expertise and the artisanal way in which we make our chocolate bars, with sustainable cocoa beans.


A better future for cocoa communities

Cocoa farmers are at the very beginning of the chocolate chain and are therefore a very important group. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked, while without them we wouldn't be able to enjoy that delicious chocolate figure or bar. Thanks to our cooperation with the non-profit organization Cunina, we can make a positive contribution to cocoa communities worldwide, offering their children a better future and creating smiles for them.


Education is a basic right for every child or Every Libeert employee is godmother or godfather

In 2021, Libeert became a partner of the non-profit organization Cunina, a private development organization that strives for better and higher quality primary and secondary education. With a monthly contribution to Cunina, Libeert participates in a pilot project to give underprivileged children from Chingui and Ayacucho in Peru the chance of a solid education. This way we help them out of the vicious circle of poverty. Moreover, each of our employees becomes godfather or godmother of a child, to maximize everyone's involvement with Libeert. So we are highly motivated to help them.

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“because we want to contribute to the future of our planet, …”


These delicious chocolate products that we make every day, would not exist without the raw materials that our planet has to offer. We have reached a point of no return, because we are exhausting raw materials and natural resources. As a company, we can't just focus on economic growth, we also have to create and implement sustainable processes. Libeert is already doing this, and we will put even more emphasis on this in the future. 

More sustainable than ever!

This sustainable thinking is reflected in our products. Libeert puts maximum effort into recyclable packaging, less packaging material and alternative packaging, such as replacing plastic foil by paper or paper-based alternatives. But don't worry, we would never compromise the delicious taste of our chocolate.


100% green energy

As a family business since 1923, we feel responsible for ensuring that future generations can also live in a healthy environment. Thus, Libeert has recently been running entirely on green energy. After all, we too want to do our bit for the future of our planet by minimizing our ecological footprint. In 2021, Libeert started the process of selecting the appropriate partner to guide us in this process. Together with this partner, we will accurately map our carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it. Based on these findings, we will establish a long-term approach, rather than working with ad hoc measures.

Creating smiles on the faces of every Libeert employee

Offering your people a workplace where they feel at home, as well as a growth trajectory, is very important to us at Libeert. We invest in training and encourage self-development. There are also many opportunities to grow within the company. And as a family business, we want to create family values and warmth in every team. At Libeert, we’re 1 big family!





Libeert is a story of passion for chocolate across four generations. Discover the rich timeline of our company history here.

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